Friedrich Bleicher

Smart and Networked Manufacturing

Wiener Produktionstechnik Kongress 2022


The 5th Wiener Produktionstechnik Kongress – WPK 2022 – addresses challenges of smart and highly adaptive manufacturing systems and the appropriate information technology including the application of machine learning algorithms for fast process adaptations. Top-ranked national and international experts from governmental organizations, industry and research institutions give insight into the newest results of technological, functional and implementation issues for industrial applications.

In our late-modern mindset, the industrial society’s logic of the general, incorporated in the concepts of high volume production, is more and more replaced by the logic of the particular, the individualized, accompanied by the awareness of the need to taking care of our planet. We value the exceptional – unique products and objects, experiences, places, individuals and communities which are beyond the ordinary and which claim a certain authenticity. This decade will be dominated by society’s changes e.g. in the thinking of mobility, which clearly affects the production industry. Among key enabling technologies, future manufacturing will change the way people and machines physically interact taking into account safety and ergonomics. Digitalization, connectivity and interoperability are of central importance for the next generation of manufacturing systems to connect products, machines, people and the environment – aiming for operational excellence, autonomous capabilities and the creation of physical value by using information. Cyber Physical Production Systems (CPPS) ultimately represent a central entity.
We are convinced that the topics of the WPK 2022 help to accelerate your progress in future manufacturing.

The WPK 2022 strives to connect decision makers, production managers and manufacturing engineers with a network of experts – an opportunity to discuss best practice solutions and to contribute in shaping the future of manufacturing.