Filippo Tronconi / Anwen Elias

From Protest to Power

Autonomist parties and the challenges of representation


Since the 1960s and 1970s, autonomist parties have experienced
unprecedented electoral and political success. Whilst they were often
considered outsider parties until a few decades ago, they are now
established political actors in many European countries,enjoying
significant parliamentary representation and participating in
governmental coalitions at regional and national level.
Given the
significance of autonomist parties within political systems across
Western Europe, an analysis of the ways in which political
representation has impacted upon the autonomist party family is long
overdue. This volume undertakes such an analysis. Firstly, it maps the
ways in which autonomist parties have evolved within their respective
political and institutional arenas. Secondly, the volume examines the
ways in which entering different electoral settings, such as regional
and national parliaments and governments have impacted upon autonomist
parties, both in terms of their internal organisation,and the goal that
they pursue within different political arenas. Thirdly, the volume
addresses the question of the degree to which autonomist parties matter
within their respective political systems, in the sense that they have
successfully pushed for the territorial reorganisation of the state in a
way that increases the autonomy of the minority nation.