Wolfgang Mueller / Karlo Ruzicic-Kessler / Philipp Greilinger

The Alps-Adriatic Region 1945–1955

International and Transnational Perspectives on a Conflicted European Region


In the first postwar decade, parts of the common border regions of Austria, Italy and Yugoslavia were contested between these countries, and the fate of South Tyrol, Southern Carinthia and the Julian March including Trieste was in limbo. This volume takes a fresh look at the Alps-Adriatic region in the early Cold War. By analyzing political, diplomatic and economic questions that have been so far neglected in historiography, while also addressing broader questions related to the area, the chapters prove the interconnectedness of the disputes emerging after World War II in this conflicted European region.

With contributions by Massimo Bucarelli, Petar Dragišić, Leonid Gibianskii, Maximilian Graf, Philipp Greilinger, Saša Mišić, Wolfgang Mueller, Michael Portmann, Francesca Rolandi, Karlo Ruzicic-Kessler and Antonio Varsori.