Christoph Klimmt / Konstantin Mitgutsch

Exploring the Edges of Gaming

Proceedings of the Vienna Games Conference 2008-2009 Future and Reality of Gaming


As a supposed source of violence and addiction the medium of computer games has received wide attention in recent years and has become a thriving field of research.
Recent discussion in Game Studies has focused on exploring the phenomenon of play, concepts of game theory, cultural aspects of play, game design and problematic aspects such as violence and addiction. The present volume of conference proceedings seeks to sharpen theories, concepts and models of practice by focussing on questions, challenges and innovations that explore the edges of gaming. Not only disciplinary difficulties, methodological obstacles and cultural border crossings are investigated, but also new ideas and visions of how to overcome theoretical limitations. The 24 contributions are dedicated to computer games and education, frontiers in theory and methodology, developments in the contents of computer games, social aspects and game design.