Konstantin Mitgutsch / Simon Huber / Michael Wagner / Jeffrey Wimmer / Herbert Rosenstingl

Context Matters!

Exploring and Reframing Games in Context


The activity of play is situated within different contextual
constraints. Games contextualize the way we play and, vice versa, our
play recontextualizes the rules and goals of games. Our culture, society
and history contextualizes the way we create and experience games and
our language and communication are situating how we play and what games
mean to us. The context of play matters and influences the impact games
have on their players, on our society and culture. The study of context
and frames that impact play raises the following questions: How can we
understand the contextual characteristic of play? What forms of contexts
and frames matter and why? What are constructive or problematic
contexts of play? Within this book readers will find different and
innovative approaches tackling challenges arising in the contextual
dimension of play and games.
For seven years Vienna’s annual Games
Conference “FROG” has offered an open and international platform for
leading game studies researchers and scholars, game designers, education
professionals, researchers and scholars from various other fields and
gamers from around the world. The multi-disciplinary contributions of
the 2013 FROG conference covers all aspects of cutting-edge research on
digital gaming, game design, game culture, game studies, therapy and
economy within or across academic disciplines with focus on the contexts
of the games we play.