Konstantin Mitgutsch / Herbert Rosenstingl

Applied Playfulness

Proceedings of the Vienna Games Conference 2011: Future and Reality of Gaming


Games are playful environments that enable their players to engage with their phantasies and to experience satisfying challenges. But how do we apply those experiences to our everyday lives, to our culture, and society? And what applicable potentials do games offer in theory and in practice? Within this book readers will find different and innovative approaches tackling challenges arising in the context of Applied Playfulness. For five years Vienna’s annual Games Conference “FROG” has offered an open and international platform for leading game studies researchers and scholars, game designers, education professionals, researchers and scholars from various other fields and gamers from around the world. The 24 multi-disciplinary contributions of the 2011 FROG conference are dedicated to the application of video games in the field of education and learning, to applied game research on players and their activity of play, and to applied game design research and game development.