Mauthausen Komitee Steyr

Tunnel of Memory

Forced Labour and Concentration Camp in Steyr


On 26 October 2013, an exhibition was opened in the 140-metre, horse- shoe-shaped tunnel system below Lamberg Castle in the city centre of Steyr. It is dedicated to the histories of the Münichholz concentration camp and forced labourers in Steyr.
As an introduction, the exhibition outlines the economic crisis and un- employment of the 1930s, the Nazis’ rise to power, the “”Anschluss”” of 1938 and the expansion of the Steyr-Werke AG into a major player in the defence industry. The main emphasis of the exhibition lies on the use of forced labourers and concentration camp prisoners from various European countries. The fate of these men and women is vividly illustrated by photo- graphs, historic documents, drawings, original artefacts and testimonies by eye witnesses. The concentration camp prisoners were not only forced to work in the Steyr-Werke AG plants, but also had to construct several un- derground galleries in Steyr, which were to serve as air-raid shelters for civilians. The exhibition is located in one of these gallery tunnels.

The exhibition focuses on:
Incineration of the bodies of prisoners in Steyr
Death march of Hungarian Jews
Liberation on 5 May 1945
Remembrance after 1945
Human dignity

Sandra Antoni, Jens Bartholmae, Susanne Bidner, Sylvia Ennsberger, Zsuzsanna Gabor, Medalina-Ruxanda Giurgi, Andrea Grausenburger, Dagmar Kleinhaus, Matthias Lindner, Christian Trollmann (Students of the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna).
Lecturer: Dr. Michaela Chiaki Ripplinger